Ashlee Bacher

Welcome to my website , where you will find all you need to know about me and my professional background in tarot reading, as well as the books i've written and the services I offer. Click the arrow to continue...

What I Do

I am a professional Tarot Card reader, and offer easy, affordable over the phone Tarot readings. I also have written a book on how to conduct your own personal Tarot card readings with others so you can likewise enter into the profession of Tarot Card Reading. Scroll down to learn more about me.


Who I Am

I am Ashlee Bacher, a professional Tarot Card Reader for over 15 years now, and have used tarot cards to answer many of peoples deepest and most unsettling questions. All I need is to ask you just one question, and with my tarot cards, I can reveal to you the best possible answer from the cards. You will have an honest answer to the questions you've been asking for so long.


My Work

Take a look at some of my work, or feel free to buy any of my books or order an over the phone tarot reading for yourself today! Reveal your life's most mysterious questions and finally get a solid answer to them!

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